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Have a look at my life as a travel writer and professional author of 40 travel guide books, photo books and excerpts of some of my articles. I learned my profession as a journalist with an apprenticeship at a German newspaper (Nordsee-Zeitung) and then I worked as an editor at the newspaper Volksblatt Berlin and for public radio and main TV-stations (ARD, SFB, Deutsche Welle…).

Since 1995, I have been writing exclusively travel articles and travel guide books as a freelance author for the most well known and influential newspapers and magazines and publishing companies in Germany and Switzerland. For the official public relation offices of Thailand (TAT), Sri Lanka and Vietnam in Germany I wrote and write several travel brochures and magazine articles. I pay my taxes as a well known travel writer and travel journalist (no blogger) and by the way: I am married to a cuban, since nearly 20 years I have family in Cuba, which is now my second home.

Some of my books have been translated into six languages and published with a total no. of edition of far more than 800.000 – and can be bought in Germany to Down Under/Australia and China.

Storytelling about favourite countries, cities and regions

  • Cuba
  • Thailand, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Sri Lanka
  • Mauritius/La Réunion
  • Cyprus
  • North Sea/Germany`s northcoast
  • and of course: BERLIN – my birthplace and hometown

Favourite topics

  • the mighty Mekong river
  • Cuban Salsa, motorbike driving, trekking and sailing
  • Buddha, body & soul (buddhism, animism, hinduism…)
  • and of course (with physical therapist as first profession): wellness, yoga and meditation

REFERENCES (no. of edition/readers)

(weekly) Newspapers

  • Die ZEIT (500.000/1,44 Mio.)
  • Financial Times Deutschland
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung (400.000/900.000)
  • Frankfurter Rundschau (200.00/360.000)
  • Neue Zürcher Zeitung/NZZ am Sonntag (swiss: 170.000)
  • Süddeutsche Zeitung (450.000/1,15 mio.)
  • tageszeitung (taz; 60.000/260.000)
  • Welt/Welt am Sonntag (400.000/1,09 mio.)
  • Berliner Zeitung (210.000/400.000)
  • Tagesspiegel Berlin (150.000/270.000)
  • Stuttgarter Zeitung/Sonntag aktuell/Abendzeitung (1 mio./2 mio.)


  • abenteuer und reisen
  • ADAC traveller
  • Air Berlin inflight magazine
  • Bellevue architecture magazine
  • BRAND EINS economic magazine
  • Business Traveller
  • Freundin women magazine
  • GALA VIP magazine
  • MERIAN travel magazine
  • Reise & Preise travel magazine
  • SZ-Wellnessmagazin
  • TV Today
  • Welcome! (TUI magazine)

Publishing houses

  • ADAC
  • APA Guides (in english)
  • Baedeker/Baedeker smart (in english)
  • Bruckmann
  • Bucher
  • DuMont/Mair DuMont
  • HB-Verlag DuMont Bildatlas
  • Komet
  • Marco Polo (in english, spanish, chinese …)
  • MERIAN live
  • Nelles (in english/french)
  • Polyglott on tour
  • Holiday / Travel House Media/Gräfe und Unzer
  • Vista Point (partly in dutch)

Travel, research and book projects in 2020/21

  • Cuba
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Sri Lanka
  • Vietnam
  • South America/Central America
  • Berlin


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